Leadership, Strategy, Performance!

Hello there,

I’m Antony Shave – I work with managers to help them:

  • Transition from one role or position to another.
  • Improve their leadership skills, coaching skills, and strategic thinking.
  • Build high-performance teams.
  • And navigate changes, transitions, and organisational transformations.

I can help you, your team, and your organisation solve these specific problems:

  • A lack of leadership confidence, skills, and abilities.
  • No clear and motivating vision, mission, purpose, or set of operating principles.
  • An absence of a coherent strategy or plan of action.
  • No collective team or organisational alignment.
  • Change management programme obstacles and resistance.
  • Poor team morale and low levels of trust.
  • A lack of a healthy coaching-type development culture.
  • A non-stop crisis to crisis reactive management style.
  • Finding a new job / role / position for yourself.

Contact me now if you would like to discuss your situation and what you are aiming to achieve.

Email: antonyshave@protonmail.com (ProtonMail is a highly secure email service that I use.)

Phone: +44 333 444 7777 (You can leave a message for me with an assistant by calling this number, and I will call you back within 24 hours).