The career transition coaching service has five phases:

Phase One - Situation Review: In this first phase the aim is to fully understand and lay-out your current life situation (both professionally and personally), so that you can see and appreciate the big-picture (the good, the bad, what’s working, and what’s not).

Phase Two - Goals and Objectives: Once you know exactly where you are, you can now focus on where you want to get to. What you want to achieve. The kind of roles and positions that would suit you best and where you can add most value. Goals will give you direction, meaning, and purpose. Without goals you are rudderless, floating around, getting blown wherever the wind takes you.

Phase Three - Options: So you now know where you want to get to and therefore in what general direction you want to go. Now you need to think about all the possible ways that you can get there - all the options that you have (and there’s always many more than you can immediately see or think of). Once we’ve laid out all the options, we need to start evaluating all those options and prioritising them.

Phase Four - Strategy and Plan: When we’ve identified your best options, we can start creating a simple strategy and plan of action for the next 6 - 12 months. Identifying what you will do and when. The activities that you will do every day, week, and month - that will help you move your game forward. During this phase we would also be working on polishing your CV and professional profiles like LinkedIn.

Phase Five - Actions, Tracking, and Course-correction: Now you’ve got your plan, you just need to start acting on it. Doing the things that will take you towards your goals. Measuring your progress along the way. And adjusting and polishing your plan as you need to. This may well include revisiting your goals and options as well. We will also do some interview training and reviewing your salary negotiation tactics.

Typically, the first four phases would be covered across four x 90-minute coaching conversations over a 2 to 3-week period of time.

Phase Five consists of regular 90-minute coaching conversations every 2 weeks. Of course we will be in constant contact by email throughout the whole programme.

Whether you just need to urgently find a new position asap, or have the time and resources to pause for a while and reflect more deeply on your professional and personal life goals, I can help you.

Contact me now if you would like a free 60 minute consultation to discuss your situation and what you are aiming to achieve.

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ProtonMail is a highly secure email service.
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